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Direct Sales Tips For Heading Into Summer

Direct Sales Tips For Heading Into Summer

Direct Sales Tips For Heading Into Summer by Susie Glennan The Busy Woman www.thebusywoman.comNow that Spring Break is over and summer is almost here, it’s time for Direct Sales Consultants to start building their bookings.

~  Do you have fun at your in-home parties?

~  Do you book events in other places like a meeting room at a restaurant, coffee shop or community center?

~  Do you have planned games that are fun and easy to implement?

Direct Sales Tips – Where to host the party
Meeting room or facility
Hostess home
Your home

Some people don’t want to host a party because they don’t want Continue reading

Office Cleaning – The Busy Woman

Office Cleaning

I’m preparing for an office cleaning. Part of the preparing is PLANNING the how-to of the office cleaning before I actually start! I have empty space on my desk plus two daily files. I would be much more efficient if I got those files up and off of the desk but within arm’s reach. So before I clean and make a pile of papers, I will have file folders and labels on hand. Similarly, before you clean your own office, you could decide what office supplies or organizers you need to make your working area more comfortable.

Here are some suggestions, Continue reading

10 Tips for Trade Fairs and Shows

1. Try to label everything VERY clearly, so that you won’t have so many of the same interrupting questions, such as, “How much is this?”
2. Have something easy for the people coming to your booth to suck on, but not something that will make them spit when you ask them a question. Continue reading

Considering An MLM, Network Marketing or Direct Sales Company?

You just came home from an in home party where your friend was the hostess so she could earn some free products. You had a wonderful time, the food was great, the company was stimulating, and the product was enticing. The hostess did a wonderful job of telling you all the merits of this business and why you should join. Continue reading

Getting Ahead of the Competition by Kim Haas

Competition is a constant threat. If you want to stay on top, you have to stay on your toes because your competition won’t hesitate to step on them. Here are a few tips on how to get an advantage over your competition.

1. Advertise using the same media as your competitors. Continue reading