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5 Tips For Moms With Young Children

5 Tips For Moms With Young ChildrenWAHM pulling hair out by The Busy Woman

As a home school mom, daycare provider for 8 years (before and during home schooling), a direct sales rep, and a lot more – I learned a few things. If I can help just one mom (hopefully a lot more) by sharing what I’ve learned, I will feel like my journey was with great purpose. This article is meant as a teaching for those who are walking now where I’ve walked previously. My purpose is greater than myself. It is to be a soldier for Christ and help His beloved excel and succeed.

While many women are great nurturers, there are Continue reading

Family Time Mapping

Family Time MappingSample daily schedule - The Busy Woman -

When you go on vacation, you map out your plans. If you’re flying somewhere, you map out the best flight plan. If you’re driving, you map out the directions ahead of time. So why wouldn’t you spend the same amount of time on your family map?

Download our 7 day time mapping sheet blank (if you have trouble downloading or can’t see the lines, email me for a copy) to help you map out your time. Or if you have Continue reading

Are Finer Things Foreign To You? Law Of Attraction

Are Finer Things Foreign To You? Law Of Attraction

Have you come from a childhood of frugality or what I call, “the no money syndrome”? Did you grow up hearing, “We don’t have the money for that”? Then you know what I’m talking about. Patterns form in our brain that we take into our adult life telling us that we don’t have money, we’re not worthy, we don’t deserve and the list can go on.

How do YOU measure success? Some measure it by Continue reading

Successful Moving Strategies

Successful Moving Strategiessuccessful moving strategies by The Busy Woman -

Moving is a daunting task to say the least. Our family has moved way too many times if you ask me. Sometimes it went well and sometimes it did not. Successful moving strategies are plentiful. Though the number one key is to have plenty of time to pack in a methodical manner. Let me first go over a list of to- do’s and then good moving experiences and not so good, so you can see how we made it through when we had time or not. Continue reading

How To Get Organized With A House Full of Shtuff!

how to get organized with a house full of shtuff -

How To Get Organized With A House Full of Shtuff!

Most of us weren’t taught how to get organized or stay organized when we were young. When we first move out on our own, we have few items to keep organized. As time goes on, we accumulate more shtuff. Unless we are taught about organizing from the beginning, the accumulated items can become overwhelming.

So here you are. You have a house full of shtuff. What do you do? If you can, find an organizing buddy. It helps.

1. Make a schedule that is reasonable. Plan a realistic amount of time each day, week, or month to work on this project. (Hint: We worked almost every Saturday and some Sundays for several Continue reading