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Joys Of Being An Organized Mom

Joys Of Being An Organized Mom

In 1992 or so, I had to make a decision. I was running a daycare out of my home and had a direct sales business. My oldest child was in public school and things were looking grim for her. The school did not treat advanced children well. So my husband and I made the decision to Continue reading

Homeschool Schedule Sample

Homeschool Schedule Sample

homeschool schedule sample jamie

This is a homeschool schedule sample from when my youngest was in first or second grade. She wanted as much work as her siblings. And she often spent longer playing violin and sometimes finished her spelling early. Bend with your children and they will find their rhythm.

I had three different children doing the same subjects with varying time frames. They liked the structure and enjoyed working together. My son would ask to stay in at break because he liked finishing up the sheet work so he could work on other things or play without worrying he wouldn’t finish. And so he did…

If you work well in excel, you can make your own, or you can always come to our Facebook page and ask for help.

Copyright ©2014 Susie Glennan
All Rights Reserved.

Free Homeschool Schedule Template

Free Homeschool Schedule Template

Free Homeschool Schedule Blank 5 day by The Busy Woman

Susie homeschooled her three children from 1992 to 2001 when it wasn’t very popular. She needed a place to write down the first schedules, then modify them from there. She quickly came up with a way to get everyone on a homeschool schedule to maximize learning and FREE TIME. When she first started, she turned off all electronics in the home until 1PM (the phone went to answering machine). Susie made, printed, and used this free homeschool schedule template so she could try different curriculum and activities at different times of the day. She changed the schedule around until a fit was found for each child. After three weeks of using this free homeschool schedule template, a set schedule was found for each child. The schedule had their name at the top and times on the left side.

Click here to see the finished version of my daughter’s homeschool schedule sample.

If you work well in excel, you can make your own, or you can always come to our Facebook page and ask for help.

Copyright ©2014 Susie Glennan
All Rights Reserved.

Bible Quiz for Kids by Susie The Busy Woman



1. This boy was left to die in the desert.

2. This boy’s life was saved by a ram.

3. This young woman went with a servant to marry a man she had never seen.

4. This boy was born holding Continue reading

Home School Tips

As a home schooling mom of three children since 1992, I’ve learned that it’s both exciting and exhausting all at the same time. Whether you’re new to home schooling or not, many people find it hard to understand why moms who are home all day can’t just come over, baby sit for few hours, or visit since THEY have it all together.

If I had a nickel for every time someone asked me to watch their children when school was out for vacation, or on three week break during year round schooling, I would be RICH! Somehow there’s a misconception that “at home” moms have all the time in the world to do as they please on a time schedule with no limits. This is a fable, a common misconception, a fairy tale. How is a mom supposed to do all of that AND have dinner ready in a clean home for her family?

Tip one: Find a partner or two. If you find someone with children close in age to yours, you will both get some well deserved time-outs. Set up a schedule with your “partners” so that each of you gets some breaks. This will help each of you catch up on a few loads of laundry, some sleep, or whatever you need at the time. Or, find an elder who could use some hugs. Children love elderly people. They give much wanted undivided attention. Ask to have the elder over for visiting day. My children used to listen to a wonderful older woman named Irene who would sit in our blue rocking chair and read to them, stop in the middle, tell one of her growing up on the farm stories, then get back to reading. How precious is that?!

Tip two: Don’t try to cram every single subject into each school day. If you must cover each subject, try the next tip.

Tip three: Plan on baby steps through the curriculum you’ve chosen. Do one little page of math a day and a math game or manipulative, instead of 2 – 4 pages or more. The children will see a clear end in site, and YOU will not be grading papers until dawn.

Tip four: Set a timer to five minutes before each subject should end. This will give the children notice that they will be moving on to another subject or activity, which means time to finish his or her thoughts.

Tip five: Save about $5 every week or so from the grocery money. When you have enough for a date, hire a baby sitter, or swap kids with one of your partners. You and your spouse need some time alone to talk, cuddle, whatever!