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Use A Daily Planner To Bring Order To Your Busy Life

Use A Daily Planner To Bring Order To Your Busy Life
The Busy Woman's Daily Planner carry all purse -

Listening to many speakers and looking at other women’s schedules and organizers just made me feel like their lives were too perfect and they could not possibly relate to me. ~Susie

Users of The Busy Woman’s Daily Planner© know better. Many women use The Busy Woman system on a daily basis to help bring order to their busy, often chaotic, and less than perfect lives.

Welcome to the wonderful world of organization! Here are a few tips to get you started in the right direction whether you’ve already purchased a daily planner and don’t know where to start or you’re thinking of purchasing a day planner, ANY planner:

Read our article Personality Based Time Management©, then take our Personality Based Time Management Quiz© to find out what personality type you are: A Compulsive; A Casual; B Motivated; B Messy. When you’re done, come back here.

If you’re an Type A personality the master filler with binder would make a good start.
If you’re a Type B personality then the Busy Woman Basics starter pack is what is recommended.

Only put in what you absolutely need. Remember you are carrying this with you. If you’re a Type B, only purchase a handful of pages when you first start out. Our recommendations are:

* Cover/Special Occasions Pages
* Monthly Tabs
* Daily OR Weekly Pages
(but not both unless you’re a seasoned planner user)
* Section Tabs
* Note Pages
* Personal Medical Information Page
* Child Information Pages (if you have children)
* Page Turner
* Vinyl Zipper Pouch
* Address Tabs
* Address Pages

Monthly Tabs – Only put in up to six months at a time if you’re a Type B.

Daily Pages – Start off trying 7 pages behind only the month you are in when you get your planner. (That will give you 14 days, back and front)

Weekly Pages – Start off trying 2 – 4 weekly pages in that first month as well. (Alternate between whatever pages you choose.)

Blank Tabs – You can purchase these at almost any office supply store. You might want to put these pages behind each tab: Lesson Planning, Personal Information Page, Medical & Child Information Pages usually go. (If you need to put your personal numbers like, bank, social security, or license numbers in your book, try putting them into a code that only you can read, whether you put them in reverse order or some other way. Don’t make it easier for someone to use your information if you’re purse gets stolen.) In the different sections, only put in a few pages of each kind until you learn what pages work best for you. After about a month, maybe less, you will be able to ascertain what pages you need more or less of. Put those that you’re not going to use right now in a box or large envelope marked as Day Planner Pages so you can find them easily. I usually tell women to put the extra planner pages that are not in use, up in your closet above where you hang your clothes.

If you reorder pages you already have, but forgot about or can’t find them, this post serves as a mental note.

Keep it SIMPLE!

What’s left? A LOT! However, try getting used to the basics before you purchase every page you think you need or want. You don’t want this planner added to the closet floor with the rest. (wink) We have see this WAY too often. Put the money you save by purchasing our daily planner in the bank.

The Busy Woman’s Daily Planner© is all about helping women Simplify Their Lives, by keeping everything at their fingertips. We’re not here to get rich quick! We’re here to guide you. Many women are creatures of habit. So you may not need to change what you’re using. Though, chances are that if you’re here reading this, you need a change.

Many women change their planners around to suit their needs. I’ve seen many phases of a woman’s life, from working and having no children, to staying home with one or more little ones, to having older children who all attend different sports or lessons. Now I’m a grandma and working two jobs!

Because our pages are electronic (in PDF form), you can print when you need them or burn the pages to a CD and take it to a local printer. Print in bulk what you use most (just don’t violate our copyright by sharing with others).

When you decide you need a change because the pages you’re using aren’t working for the phase of life you’re in, try some of our other pages. There will come a time, maybe in two years, maybe in five years… that you will want to use those old pages again. Amazingly enough, I often see this happen.

Get a nice cup of your favorite drink and/or a snack. Sit down in a pleasant atmosphere and enjoy starting fresh in your new planner. Schedule in FUN TIME! Make it bright, bold and clearly visible. You need something to look forward to. Schedule in dates with family members and dear friends to nurture those relationships.

If you wonder what size day planner you need or want, answer these questions:
Do you have large writing? Buy the Notebook Size daily planner.
Do you have smaller writing or can you learn to write small (because you want it a little lighter)? Buy the Classic Size.

Now off you go… All products are listed to the left. If you still need help, get our How To Put Your Planner Together MP3. It’s like having private time with Susie and her friend Katie helping you set up your planner and giving you tips for using different planner pages.

Ask questions and receive answers at The Busy Woman on Facebook.

Copyright ©2001 Susie Glennan
All Rights Reserved.

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2 Responses to Use A Daily Planner To Bring Order To Your Busy Life

  • Rhonda K. Sterrett says:

    I would love to order your planner but an not able to from your sight. I was so excited to find it as I used it several years ago and loved it.

    • I’m not sure what you mean by not being able to access from the site. I don’t offer the physical planner anymore, but you can download the electronic files in PDF. If you need the hard copies, I give you permission to burn them to a CD and take them to a local printer for bulk printing.

      You can also type into the PDF and save it with all of your appointments in it. Not many PDF’s do that.

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