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Happy Valentine’s Day! Did you get chocolate?

Happy Valentine’s Day! Did you get chocolate?Happy Valentine's Day. Did You Get Chocolate? by Susie The Busy Woman -

It’s Valentines Day! Do you know where your chocolate is?

What is it with special occasions and chocolate? I can eat chocolate any day of the week. It’s available, it’s somewhat inexpensive, and it makes me feel good. Why can’t I do the same thing with special occasions? Why do I have to wait for a special occasion to do something special for my loved ones or myself?

I don’t! And neither do you! Relationships are important enough to remember year round. As my friend Hilde says, “I think people use Valentine’s Day as an excuse not to remember to send flowers, candy, a kind note, etc. throughout the year.” I kind of agree with her.

When my mother sees something she thinks I’ll like and just has to get it, she tries to wait for an occasion to give it to me. Usually, her excitement gets the best of her and she’ll give it to me while saying, “I saw this and just HAD to get it for you. So consider it an early Birthday, Mother’s Day, etc. present.” I HATE that! Why does she think she has to wait for an occasion? I think it’s her conditioning from childhood. Times were different then. She was taught not to squander money. To me that meant she was taught to be frugal or thrifty. So buying gifts without the reason of an occasion was not frugal.

I’ve broken THAT cycle for our family. When I see something and I have the money, I buy it for the person I’m thinking of.

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While today is a day to go overboard in showing the ones you love just how much you love them. It shouldn’t be a substitute for showing you care year round. So take out your day planner, calendar, whatever you use and schedule at least one day a month to do something nice for the people you care about. Write down exactly what you want to do for them on your calendar. If you can’t think of something right at that moment, put their name on a list and take it with you every time you go grocery shopping or to the mall. That way if you see something cute, you can look at your list to see if there’s someone you think would enjoy it.

Here are some suggestions for fun little things you can do:

~Send an email card to your spouse.
~Send an email or card to your child(ren).
~Put a chocolate bar on your bosses desk with a note saying, “Thanks”
~Leave a new colorful pad of post it notes on your secretaries desk with a note that says you appreciate him/her.
~Schedule an hour to go to Starbucks with a friend and NOT talk about work.
~Call someone who lives far away.
~Write a letter to your mom and/or dad.
~Surprise your sibling(s) with a bag of cookies.

I hope you had a WONDERFUL Valentine’s Day.

©2002 Susie Glennan
All Rights Reserved.

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