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A Disorganized Procrastinator's Guide to Time Management and Getting Organized
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Personality Based Time Management eBook

Don’t Fall for the One Size Fits All Myth!

You know you are unique, why try to squeeze yourself into somebody elses idea of what your schedule should look like. Experience the freedom that comes from discovering what works for you. Empower yourself with the knowledge to make the most of each and every day with a planning system that works for your personality with this jam packed little e-book. Brought to you exclusively by The Busy Woman.

The Personality Based Time Management E-book guides you through the exclusive Busy Woman’s Daily Planner® quiz and provides all the details you need to apply the knowledge to your life. Proving once again that great things come in small packages, this 21 page E-book will have you thinking about planning in a new light in no time.

Order now to open your world to the organization and planning strategies customized for your life! Makes a great gift for new mothers, secret friend exchanges and more!

Side Note: This Personality Based Time Management© E-Book is registered with the copyright office. No portion of this Ebook may be reproduced or redistributed without prior written permission from The Busy Woman, Inc. All key phrases in this Ebook are under copyright and trademark protection and may not be reproduced.

Personality Based Time Management©
Personality Based Time Management©
Personality Based Time Management©
Price: $4.99