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What Our Customers Say:

“Susie Glennan, is doing a better job at The Busy Woman’s Daily Planner than I did as founder and President of Day Runner. She is relentless in her devotion to product knowledge and availability, managing her business, and most importantly – service to her end-user. I recommend and use her products and services to everyone.”

Felice Willat
Tools With Heart

After being a die-hard Franklin user for 10 years, I recently switched to The Busy Woman’s Daily Planner. I’ve found it to be much more relevant to my life, allowing me to structure things the way I really need them. And I really like the fact that I can buy only what I need, when I need it.

HM – Greenbank, WA

I’ve used your planners for several years. I’d just like to say that in this world of electronic gizmos, my battery never dies in my planner. Why, because it doesn’t need one. And no one can steal my info by hack into my planner electronically.

Janetta Evers

Thank you for the prompt delivery of my classic carry all purse . I love it. Thank you for your personal phone call on Sat. Do you have sample packets of your different pages? There is one thing that you said in one of your letters. Use and carry with you what you need, not what a company is trying to sell you. Just wanted you to know , in the short time I have know about Busy Women,you have helped me out a lot. The very best for you.

KD – Winslow, AZ

I awoke thinking about your purse planner. This experience reminded me of a moment of time in my son’s growth. Well, when first seeing your purses the following thoughts came to my mind. The pictures on the computer do not do them justice. I saw, “Hershey” chocolate colored planner, not brown. You know, chocolate is just irresistible. Then, the wonderful smell of soft almost suede like leather permeated the air when your box was opened. The luxury of “Neiman Marcus” flashed before my eyes. We had just spoken about smells in our United Methodist Women’s circle meeting. The special smell of our loved ones who passed away still was present in their belongings or rooms they enjoyed. Well, I just had to share with you how the color and smell of fine leather effected me.

Alice – Richardson, TX

Hi All! Just wanted to share that I received an order I placed with Susie and am almost all reorganized with using a planner again! I am amazed at how, in just a few short days, I can look at it and say “Yup, did that/did that/did that/and that’s next”. It is wonderful! I haven’t started truly scheduling my time yet (waiting a bit to do that…like when dh is back to work and I don’t have to work around him LOL) but I am on the right road and looking forward to not missing call backs to people that ask me to call in a month or few weeks or whatever now or anymore!! THANKS SUSIE!!! Kudos!!

Meg J

Dear Susie,
I have received my binder (it is sooo much smaller than the one I was carrying) and I love it. I love the idea of having the binder in my purse, and everything all together in one place. The weight of the smaller binder an d the purse are no heaver than the binder I was carrying, and I can carry more items such as lipstick, and extra set of keys, etc., in the purse than I could in my other binder. Thanks again for the perfect “carry all”. God has truly blessed me by being in touch with you. Thanks again…

JL – Fritch, TX

Dear Susie,
I can’t tell you how pleased I was to find your web site. I started using this planner about 8 years ago, and wasn’t able to find it for the longest time. After reading your info page I know why! I’m so glad you have kept this planner available. I really feel it meets a need that no other planner does. Thanks again!

Cheryl – Milton, VT

Hi Susie,
Thank you so much I received my planner yesterday. I love it, you really went the extra mile for me and I greatly appreciate it. I never expected such a quality looking planner for that price. You will be in my thoughts and prayers and I’m sure your business and you will do great and make it through all of this.


Received your purse and binder combination on Friday. Thank you so much. I am using it as I write. Keep up the great servic


My planner arrived, and it’s much more than I expected. It’s beautiful. I had been praying for a simple solution to my very busy lifestyle problem. I took the planner out of the box and immediately put my organization skills to work. I love it. God has answered my personal prayer:-)))


I received my order from you yesterday and I absolutely LOVE this set! I love being able to only take what I need with me when I go! It was on my porch when I went out to the Ballgames last night, so I took it with me! Both sections have enough pockets and places to take what I need wherever I’m going. I didn’t carry the Planner last night but had a great place in the other for my Webcards! I love it! Thank you!!


Dear Susan,
Thank you for the website of wonderful. I received my planner/purse package and though it was a supposed to be a gift, it is just what I need as a busy pastor. It makes meetings so much easier. I appreciate it when a company responds to inquiries and in a timely manner. If anything, that was what convinced me to see if this planner would work. Many thanks.

Pastor Christina Gruca

Just a quick note to let you know that I love my leather brief purse! I bought it two or three months ago and I’m STILL using it! This is a first for me because usually I buy a purse, use it for a couple weeks, then go back to an old one. Then I play switch-a-roo for a while and one day end up buying another new one so the cycle can continue! Not so with the purse/planner I bought from you!! The leather is easy to keep clean and very professional looking! I am really enjoying all the great pockets and sections because I have a tendency to keep more in my purse than I should! *S* With this purse, I can put lots of stuff in it and still manage to find it when I need it. One great thing is that I use the outside pocket for my business stuff like business cards, postage earmarked for business use, checkbook, business receipts, etc. It helps me a lot to be able to keep it all separate! Thanks for helping me get more organized!!!

Premium Web Design

Dear Susie,
Thank you so much for your kindness! It is so very much appreciated (I have got to admit that I teared up when I read your note). I also enjoyed “speaking” with you today. What a treat to actually speak with someone from on-line. *G* I will be looking for a return address on my shipment so that I can send you a little “Thank You”. You have gone beyond what you have had to and I hope that I’ll be able to persuade some other moms to go to you for your wonderful planners. And you can bet that as soon as dh is settled into a new position (*fingers crossed*) I will be hitting your page again for either a purse/planner combo or other planner for long-term use. :o)


Thanks for the great products! I am out of the calendar pages and didn’t know how dependent I was on my calendar until now. Thanks again!

Carol Duncan – GA

I just wanted to tell you how much I love my planner! I love the fact that it has been created with a real-life, everyday woman in mind, not a corporate man.

I wanted to share with you about the spiritual support pages that you offer. Some people have separate binders for their planner and their spiritual time. I, however, keep mine all together in my planner. For one thing, I need everything that is about my life in one place. Trying to keep up with two binders would hurt my brain. The other reason is more important, however. At any time during the day, no matter where I am, I can flip open my planner to the latest study I am doing or last Sunday’s notes and review them and feed my brain spiritually. I can continuously be feeding on spiritual things during the course of my day if I have my devotional pages in my planner. I am looking forward to getting my new Bible Study pages!!!!

I also love the booking pages and the other pages that help me run my business. As a Mary Kay Consultant, these pages have become an important part of my planner!

Thanks so much for your great company!

Melissa Stanford Oden
Independent Beauty Consultant
Mary Kay Cosmetics
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Susie — Thank you for talking with me on Friday. I’ve emailed Karla to find out her rates and think I will see what I can do alone with the time management tape, your notes on putting together a planner, and all the reading I’ve been doing recently.

Figure I’ll probably use coaching to fine tune the system and set up the basics on my own using the above mentioned tools. Am looking forward to tomorrow’s delivery!

Thanks again for your time on such a chaotic day.

— Priscilla Matthews

WOW! I got the catalog and the products are even more beautiful than they are online! Thank you so much! Your business is a real blessing to others!

Gina Scheffler


I bought my brief-purse from you during you clearance. You know me, I’ve tried about every type of purse, briefcase, planner imaginable. Guess what? I’ve found it! I love this. Now I won’t be wasting money testing out what’s for me. Thank you so much, especially for the savings :).

I wouldn’t think of purchasing from anyone without checking with you first!

Tammy Pope


Thank you so much! I am really enjoying my new day planner, it goes with me everywhere. What a tremendous idea to be able to build your own. Thanks so much for putting it into action. I am a stay at home mom and have different needs than that of a business woman. Thanks! I will pass on the word!

Tatum McKenzie

I wanted to say how much I love my new Busy Woman Daily Planner that I won at the Celebrating Home Business Expo the other day! I have an old planner that I was keeping alive, but now I have a brand new planner and I just love it! I have wanted one for a long long time! Thank you, Susie!! It arrived today!

I just had to say how wonderful her planners are. They are not preprinted with the dates so you can use them beginning in the middle of the year if you need to! So there is no excuse to put off getting a new planner til January if you old one looks as raggedy as mine did! LOL

Thanks so much Susie!! Skipping happily to fill in my new goodies! I have so much to do each day so I am excited to have a wonderful tool to keep me on track! My old one was hard to find the dates so I would frequently find things too late to really plan well for them. Whooohoooo! :D

In Him,
JoJo Tabares, Art of Eloquence
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You are doing what you hoped and dreamed for and are working toward your own Daffodil garden.. You are working the principle and ministering and being there for women all over the planet!! You are making a difference one step at a time and one planner at a time. You my friend are one of my Daffodil principle people…. I am so glad to be part of your garden!!

Have a super day and know you are making a difference in bunches of us!!!

Happy hugs ~ cynD

Thank you, I will send this out today priority so you should get it by Saturday or Monday at the latest! I don’t mind paying shipping and the restocking fee as you have really gone out of your way to accommodate me. Thank you again and I will get that out today!!!


I just love my bag; it is exactly what I have wanted for a long time. To have my planner and purse together and not be a huge purse is perfect. It is very professionally made and lots of neat compartments. I am amazed at how much extra stuff I can fit in with my planner. And to think it was on sale too!!!

Linda Hayes

I want to thank you for all the time you took with me on the 10th. Just your suggestions caused me to look inside myself and get a much better handle on my time management and home schooling style!

Things are far from ideal, but at the same time I “miraculously” hit upon a “on button” for learning for my 8yo and home school has become immeasurably more enjoyable.

I wish you great success in your business and in life in general!

God bless you today!
Sheila Soule
Grass Valley CA

Your internet pages have been a rescue. Its my little black book and it is so easy to find things now.

Hot Dog Bargains – Sara & Suzie

Hi Susie,
We at CMMS wish to thank-you for you’re generous donation of the BUSINESS CARD HOLDER that was won by Vicki at the auction. Thought you might like to know that she has received it. We really want to thank-you for becoming a terrific sponsor for our group. You are well respected by us all and we are so thankful. You bring a new batch of products for us to purchase and you have shown that you are a reliable and giving sponsor. Thanks for joining us and I look forward to many more follow-ups with you, whether it be you’re donation or you’re win.


I’m all set up and I have my week pretty much planned, with room for adjustments. I am going to start keeping a regular schedule when it comes to work and giving full attention to the boys. I’m really excited about the changes that I’ve already started making and what changes I will be making in the future.

Thank you so much for showing me the light! :) Seriously…you did so much with one small question. You asked me, “Are your boys on a schedule?” —- It was as simple as that. I realized, how could they be on a schedule when I’m not. And that has been my goal since I spoke to you.

Alice Seva

Dear Susie,

I received the package today! WOW! That was fast!! I was shocked to see the box from you already! What a happy surprise for a dreary Missouri Monday.

Everything is just perfect. I love the card stock you used instead of just heavy paper for the personal pages. Much more durable! The internet pages have a space to list everything I could want regarding a website, and your idea to make a separate “login” book is simply brilliant.

Thanks bunches for: the personal service, the newsletter, the catalog, the holiday card, and the candy cane!!

I am personally looking forward to future business with you. I am recommending your site to all of my friends and family too.

Merry Christmas & a Blessed New Year!

Diana at DiRuscio & Associates, Inc.

With all I SHOULD be doing I knew I needed to get organized and begin again to follow my own teaching regarding goal setting step lists and to-do lists. (Susie’s products fit perfectly with the instructions and methods explained in Easy Homeschooling Techniques.)

I chose a compact leather binder but decided on the larger Classic size in green vinyl (about $14.95). I especially like the Project Pages for the planner which work for the step lists mentioned in Techniques. I also have daily pages, each with a to-do list (Priorities) that can be coded A, B or C and checked off when done. (I also like to draw a line through each entry when finished.) Also on this ONE page are Appointments; To Be Called; Chores; Menu and Notes.

The monthly tabs provide a two page blank calendar for recording important daily appointments or activities. I also have the basic tabs for Planning, Menus, Budget, Personal and Projects (and blank tabs to add other topic sections). I like the menu pages – each has space for a week of menus and a tear off shopping list. I plan to get the mileage pages because the IRS prefers a written record for business deductions. I am also considering getting the budget pages. YOU may be interested in the prayer and devotional pages (I use a journal and/or spiral notebook). Susie also has LESSON planning pages just for us!

I am enjoying using the planner. I now have a definite places to note things we need from the store. ALL my notes are in one place instead of scattered! Best of all, I am getting more done!

Susie Glennan is a busy, bubbly, business woman who loves the Lord and offers free planner consultations. See the many different pages and planners at Susie’s site:

Thanks Susie!
Lorraine Curry – Easy Homeschooling Techniques

I am such a louse for waiting a week to send this to you: First of all, you are so great!

If you remember, I called Monday with my order. I got it in the mail Wednesday!! I was SO excited! Then when I got to town, I made my husband take the books in to the library so I could open the package: It is PERFECT! I LOVE IT! I have never had a bag so perfect for all I need to carry around (all the hats I wear). I had to agree to let Lexi wrap the planner pages and put them under the tree for me to use my bag now, since it is part of my Christmas. And I especially love all the extra’s, like the newsletter, it is so neat! I love the articles! I read and reread it several times. I just wanted you to know that you have made my day once again!

Thanks so much for your heart and all you put into your business. It feels so good to have a friend and someone you can trust at the other end of the line when you place an order. :-) Thanks again!