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The Busy Consultant’s Direct Sales Basics for The Busy Woman

The Busy Consultant’s Direct Sales Basics for The Busy Woman

A Busy Consultant is a Happy Consultant

Wouldn’t you love to be busy without being stressed? With over 23 years of direct sales experience, Susie Glennan knows all about the struggles involved in balancing a growing business while keeping up with the daily challenges of motherhood and she’s packed all that knowledge into this amazing 65 page E-book that combines inspiration with practical procedures for consultants everywhere. Whether you’re new to business or just need to refresh “The Busy Consultant – Direct Sales Basics for Busy Women©” is sure to get you motivated and ready to seize the day.

Don’t settle for mediocre – you deserve to be busy! Order now and Get Busy in business with “The Busy Consultant – Direct Sales Basics for Busy Women©”. Exclusive to The Busy Woman.

Side Note: This The Busy Consultant’s Direct Sales Basics for The Busy Woman© E-Book is registered with the copyright office. No portion of this E-book may be reproduced or redistributed without prior written permission from The Busy Woman, Inc. All key phrases in this E-book, written by The Busy Woman, Inc., are under copyright and trademark protection and may not be reproduced.

The Busy Consultant's Direct Sales Basics for Busy Women©
The Busy Consultant's Direct Sales Basics for Busy Women©
The Busy Consultant's Direct Sales Basics for Busy Women©
Price: $6.99


“You have a **real** winner here! I know soooo many women who could use this information.” says Elizabeth W. Riggs, PhD, RN, LNC. (She continues…)

The Busy Consultant by Susie Glennan is what I wish I had read 17 years ago when I was starting my business. For someone starting up, this is invaluable. And even for those, like me, who have a small, struggling business after many years, the principles she outlines are still applicable. The really nice thing about it is that it gives real-world examples, and specific suggestions. When she suggests something, Ms. Glennan gives the basics of where to start and how to go about it. She explains the who, what, where, why and when of building a consultant business. I can’t begin to total all the money I have wasted on other products that were supposed to tell me the things Ms. Glennan outlines so understandably in this book. It is factual, and, detailed while at the same time being short and pithy. Congratulations, Susie, on a great product!

I normally don’t give rave reviews like this, but this book deserves it.
Good job.
Elizabeth W. Riggs, PhD, RN, LNC


Susie Glennan has succeeded in creating a much needed manual for women in direct sales that encompasses all companies. It is the one book reps for every company can pick up and learn new tools for their business, no matter what that business is. Susie’s Christian slant on direct marketing may be the best thing ever written on the subject. Forget getting rich quick! This book will help you make money every day. And feel great about how you do it!

Shannan Hearne


What a terrific book! Written in “clearspeak” down to earth language every new Direct Sales Businessperson can understand.

This book covers everything a new Direct Sales Representative needs to know. There were even items I didn’t know and I’ve been in and out of Direct Sales for years.

From Basic Terminology to an Appendix with forms and samples of filled out forms, THE BUSY WOMAN is chock full of information. With this easy-to-read book, every Direct Sales Consultant should have a successful business.

Cynthia Phillips, Indepenent Coach for Team Beachbody